About Us

Vernon McKiddie is the man behind VMAC Tracks. Vernon retired from pro motocross and supercross racing in 2013. Through Vernon's 17 year career he learned how to build and maintain dirt bike tracks. Trading off his track building skills he got to stay and train along side some of America's top riders. After he retired from racing Vernon quickly became one of our countries top track builders and the top track builder in South America. Vernon is known for how well he makes his tracks flow. With Vernon's experience racing all over the world and his natural ability to turn his visions into art its easy to see why.

We can help with all of your track building needs. Wether you want a complete track build or just some changes made to a current track we have you covered. Vernon can start a track from scratch or come make changes to an existing one. You will need to contact us for a quote. 

Are you having an big event at your track and just need some help with prep? We've got your back. Hire VMAC tracks on a set day rate to come take care of prep and track maintenance for you.